Gillian Lancaster Design
While I largely work with retirees to collect and present their lifetime of knowledge, I am still open for design projects, both web and print. Please let me know how I can help you!


Lancaster Botanicals and

This is my latest creative project in conjunction with my daughter. Launched in July 2018 we both wanted to test the market for simple bath and body products that contain only essential oils and plant products, no chemical fragrances or carcinogenic colorants.

Floral Fabric Designs

I have long loved making things from fabric, so was thrilled to learn that I could also upload fabric (and paper) designs to be printed at my behest! The Floral Fabric Designs site and Etsy store work in conjunction with my Spoonflower shop. I offer smaller items, embroidery kits, tea towels, and sachets, but if you want yardage, then Spoonflower is your destination!

Jolly Junk Journals

After so many years of bookmaking and digital image creation, creating journals seem like a natural progression. I create the covers and have them printed at Spoonflower, then create the pages, print them out, and sew them into the journals. For extra interest, there are little pockets and hiding places to keep your thoughts and notes private. There are also downloadable digital pages and pieces of ephemera to print out to use in your own journal.

Gill Lancaster Design

I have so many ideas, it is lovely to have an outlet for them. You will find different styles of cards for friends and family members from age 1 to 105. There are special event cards with gold cutouts an optional glitter as for the special moments, an those for more private moments when you want to let someone  know that you like them. There are cards with a British sense of humour, small books to add in with a card, one for encouragement, and one for love. 

Each year I create some calendars, usually smaller, desk top one ones with a easel. In November onwards  I offer an array of cards for those who celebrate Christmas and those who don’t. I also offer paper decorations, banners and ornaments, and this year special thick gift wrap with matching tags – and greetings cards.

Finally I create planners and diaries to suit an array of needs from simple 2 pages to a week, to thick planners and calendars, complete with stickers to use to mark special events.