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Gillian Lancaster Design

While I have largely moved my design work to the next site, I am still open for design projects, both web and print. Please let me know how I can help you!

Wit and Wisdom of Age

As people, particularly women, age, they are apt to deny they have any knowledge to share. This site offers a different perspective on the value of decades of living, and provides ways to uncover that knowledge and then decide how to preserve it for future generations. An initial 30 minute chat by phone (US) or Skype (anywhere else!) can be scheduled here.


Gillian Lancaster Art
As I create more art I have created this site so I have a central location to post all my work.

Gillian Lancaster Art Etsy Shop
As I created art for a Christmas Fair I realized I needed a way to sell it beyond that one weekend. I opened the shop in time for the fair, and will have more items, cards, prints, calendars and luminaries, in addition to the art, added shortly.



This site is one I have been working towards for quite some time. It is the result of my personal journey, a long, slow realization, that I need creativity in my because it calms and centers me. What I have learned however, is that over the years, when we get lost in making/creating/designing we return calmer, more centered, and less frazzled. We have something positive to show for our time, and instead of living in our heads, we move to experiencing and problem solving with our hands.

Relaxing Creativity Etsy Shop

This shop contains books, for coloring, journals, and creative prompts that have arisen from my Uncover Your Creativity site. Sadly the letter counter of the site name was just one character too long for an Etsy shop name, so had to come up with something else to call it!

Leaves of Paper and Leaves of Paper on Etsy

These sites show the paper items created by both my daughter and I. We love making things, and have recently branched out into online and in person sales, which has brought us into direct contact with our customers.